five green and speckled frogs

Five Green and Speckled Frogs Story Stones and More!

I just love it when two things I love collide!  We were outside today enjoying out lovely new country property (did you see it yet?  If not, let me show you around!) and gathering some stones.  Our new place, being on
how we learn through crafts

50 Crafts for 2 Year Olds!

The other morning I broke out the paints for my Sam and Madeline.  Benjamin, who is 21 months decided he was no longer happy to paint with water and instead (suggested calmly) that he also use some paint.  This got me
how we learn, how wee learn sensroy table

Stamps in the Water Table

With our moving day later this week I really should have spent the weekend packing.  And I did … some of it anyway.  But we were given a water table recently and the kids have been enjoying it very much, so
how we learn, how wee learn

Building Our Outdoor Art Easel

Earlier this week I mentioned how my craft deprived kids were getting the creative art itch.  Since we are moving so soon I am not really wanting to hunt through boxes, find, and unpack our craft supplies.  So we have been
How we learn, how wee learn

Handprint Canada Flags

We have been so busy enjoying the beautiful (long awaited) warm weather outside that I have hardly heard a complaint about the lack of toys and crafts available.  Since we are a little bit packed away for our move (not so
how we learn

DIY Pebble Art Tutorial

We are big on crafting around here.  I love creating, and I have passed that love along to my own little ones.  This afternoon, while the boys were resting and Madeline was busy, I did some creating all on my own. 
how we learn about building forts

Building AMAZING Outdoor Forts with Sticks

The count down is on to our big move.  As we get closer to that exciting date, and my dream of living in the country, the toys and ‘stuff’ become packed away.  And the more I pack away, the more I
yogurt melts recipe

Frozen Yogurt Melts Recipe

We are enjoying the warm weather that has finally come our way.  Enjoying it both by playing outside, and by eating all the yummy cold treats that come with the season: ice cream, popsicles, freezies, all the good stuff.  But, on
diy kids forts


When my now 11 year old daughter was very little, she absolutely loved forts.  It didn’t really matter what they were made of – elaborate with sheets, blankets, and Christmas lights … or as simple as a box.  It was something
how to make paper cup flowers

Pretty Paper Cup Flowers

Mother’s day is just around the corner.  This year, just as last year, my little ones are home with me.  While I absolutely love being home with them (most days) I do miss out on a few things from having them