crafts for two year olds

A Simple Paper Plate Christmas Craft for Kids

I wrote this post last year at this time – and it is one of my very favourite crafts for Christmas time, so I thought I would share again.  Hope you don’t mind (and hope even more that it is helpful!)
snowflake silhouette 2

Snowflake Silhouettes

The snow that arrived earlier this week in full force – the storm that left us almost a foot of snow – has come and gone.  I believe I said it was here to stay.  But this morning we have green
how we learn, how wee learn

Clothespin Build-a-Snowman

It came!  It finally came!  And much in the Northern way we are used to — late at night, with barely a warning.  A good six inches at least … and on the very same night these newbie farmers ran out
snowman crafts for kids

Learn about Shapes with Snowman Crafts!

We have had our first snow flurries.  We have also had 3 anxious little ones watching those snow flurries and trying with all of their might to will them into staying on the ground.  But not yet.  Very soon I am
snowman crafts for kids

A Washer Snowman Craft for Kids

With the snow just about to fly tonight, it is lovely timing for a snowman craft for kids, yes?  But first, my story … I recently realized it has been awhile since I shared with you any “nuts and bolts and
fall fairy crafts for kids

Whimsical Fall Fairy Craft

I am going to hold back my building excitement for the season just around the corner.  There is yet to be any substantial snow on our homestead, and we still have many beautiful Fall leaves.  So for the sake of enjoying
paper snowflake puzzles

Paper Snowflake Puzzles – Preschool Winter Craft

It has happened with Sam.  A few years ago it happened to my Madeline too.  I come up with a creative and fun craft or activity for them, and they take that idea and make it so much better.  This preschool
packing peanuts 3

My Peanuts Building with Peanuts

I excitedly made my first batch of all natural soap recently.  It’s funny how it is the littlest things that can make me so very happy.  I have wanted to make soap for quite awhile, but wasn’t ready to take the
how we learn, how wee learn

Twiggy Jack-o-Lantern

We are still busy outside soaking in every last bit of Fall.  I fear saying it aloud, but I really believe we are nearing the end of our Autumn weather. It feels as though Fall has really just started, and yet
how we learn about musical instruments

Classic Rhythmic Shaker – with a TWIST!

We made these rhythmic shakers a few weeks ago at a playgroup.  The boys have been loving them ever since.  I was thinking of which post I would like to write for you, but I couldn’t concentrate due to the spinning

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