how we learn, how wee learn

Building ‘Me’ with Blocks

I did a neat activity with my little ones while I was teaching kindergarten.  I am sure you have seen this classic before.  The little one lays down on a big sheet of paper, a partner traces them, and they cut
how we learn about texture

Salt Dough Playdough Stamps

We have been very busy around here lately!  The biggest of my little ones has been settling into a new school, and my littlest ones have been settling into a new year of ‘school’ at home.  Combining that with a still
how we learn, how wee learn

Textured Owl Craft

It was a good morning for crafting today.  A little drizzly and cold outside, and everyone at home together.  I pulled out some craft supplies and let my little ones start crafting!  While they were creating, I got creating too.  I
how to make paper dolls

Sticky Paper Dolls

I was telling my little ones a story about when I was a little girl (and yes, I did feel exceptionally old in doing so) and I mentioned paper dolls.  I used to make them all the time when I was
how we learn through nature

Nature Chains and a Summertime Christmas Tree

It has been a very busy week around here!  Our time has been spent unpacking and planning, unpacking and organizing, and unpacking and exploring.  And the time spent exploring is my absolute favourite.  While part of me would love to simply
five green and speckled frogs

Five Green and Speckled Frogs Story Stones and More!

I just love it when two things I love collide!  We were outside today enjoying out lovely new country property (did you see it yet?  If not, let me show you around!) and gathering some stones.  Our new place, being on
how we learn through crafts

50 Crafts for 2 Year Olds!

The other morning I broke out the paints for my Sam and Madeline.  Benjamin, who is 21 months decided he was no longer happy to paint with water and instead (suggested calmly) that he also use some paint.  This got me
how we learn, how wee learn sensroy table

Stamps in the Water Table

With our moving day later this week I really should have spent the weekend packing.  And I did … some of it anyway.  But we were given a water table recently and the kids have been enjoying it very much, so
how we learn, how wee learn

Building Our Outdoor Art Easel

Earlier this week I mentioned how my craft deprived kids were getting the creative art itch.  Since we are moving so soon I am not really wanting to hunt through boxes, find, and unpack our craft supplies.  So we have been
How we learn, how wee learn

Handprint Canada Flags

We have been so busy enjoying the beautiful (long awaited) warm weather outside that I have hardly heard a complaint about the lack of toys and crafts available.  Since we are a little bit packed away for our move (not so