snowman crafts for kids

Build a Snowman Craft

Are you grossed out with the thought of using toilet rolls in crafts for kids?  Would you be okay to build a snowman craft with a toilet roll?  If not, close your eyes and pretend I am using a paper towel
puzzle piece crafts for kids

A Puzzle Piece Toddler in a Snowsuit

My kids tend to be losers (wait, that came out very wrong) — My kids tend to lose things (better).  My oldest has gotten much better with taking proper care of her things, but my little ones still tend to misplace
strengthening hands

Snip Santa’s Beard

My boys are right in the ‘scissor phase’.  They love cutting, and so far we have been able to keep their cutting practice limited to paper.  Come to think of it, I may have been asking for trouble introducing this craft
Christmas mason jar crafts to fill with holiday baking

The Sweetest Christmas Mason Jar Crafts

Who doesn’t love to receive delicious holiday baking at Christmas time (or anytime …. ever ….)?  It is hard to make that lovely gift any sweeter – but this adorable packaging does just that. These are the sweetest Christmas mason jar
winter art projects for kids

Birch Winter Tree Art Project

I was given some lovely magazines lately – and I have really been enjoying them.  Lovely magazines on home decor and simple farm living.  But, like anything that stays in my hands to long, one of those magazines has been sacrificed
Christmas mason jar crafts for kids

Fuzzy Santa! Christmas Mason Jar Crafts

Once in a blue moon we will be making a craft, and I will stop right in the middle of it and change direction.  Or at least I will try to.  You see, I craft with my kids and they are
crafts for two year olds

A Simple Paper Plate Christmas Craft for Kids

I wrote this post last year at this time – and it is one of my very favourite crafts for Christmas time, so I thought I would share again.  Hope you don’t mind (and hope even more that it is helpful!)
snowflake silhouette 2

Snowflake Silhouettes

The snow that arrived earlier this week in full force – the storm that left us almost a foot of snow – has come and gone.  I believe I said it was here to stay.  But this morning we have green
how we learn, how wee learn

Clothespin Build-a-Snowman

It came!  It finally came!  And much in the Northern way we are used to — late at night, with barely a warning.  A good six inches at least … and on the very same night these newbie farmers ran out
snowman crafts for kids

Learn about Shapes with Snowman Crafts!

We have had our first snow flurries.  We have also had 3 anxious little ones watching those snow flurries and trying with all of their might to will them into staying on the ground.  But not yet.  Very soon I am

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