5 minute Dinosaur Crafts for Kids: Bobbling Dinosaur Hats


dinosaur crafts for kids

In Kindergarten we did so many dinosaur crafts for kids!  This Dinosaur craft was perfect for my Sammy.  Sam, as you may recall, loves hats — especially bobbling hats (like this Turkey one).  This Dinosaur bobbling hat is so quick to make and provided Sammy with so much fun!

To make this Bobbling Dinosaur Hat all you need is:

  • paper plates
  • construction paper
  • paint (or markers or crayons)
  • and tape

To begin this craft, I cut out some shapes from paper plates.  I cut: 4 triangles (for the spikes on the spine), 2 crescent moon shapes (for the tail), and left one plate whole (for the face).  Then Sammy painted them all green. He also added Googly eyes to the Dinosaurs face – but decided he didn’t want him to have a mouth or nose :)

dinosaur crafts for kids

I cut a piece of construction paper into three strips.  I measured Sammy’s head, and attached two of the strips together to form the ‘hat’ or headband.  The third strip I taped from the front of the headband to the back (this is where the spikes will go).

Next I made, what we call, a “Fancy Accordion Fold” for the Dinosaurs neck.  It looks tricky – but it is very simple.  Cut two strips of construction paper.  Tape the corners so it looks like the letter ‘L’.  Then simply fold.  Side one down, side two over.  Side one up, side two over.  Repeat.  At the end secure with tape. Like this:

dinosaur crafts for kids

By now the paint was dry enough that we could tape this Bobbling Dinosaur hat together.  We taped two triangles together to make one spike and attached it to the ‘spine’ – then we did the same with the last two triangles.  We taped the two crescent moons together, and taped them to the back of the hat.  Finally, we taped the Accordion fold to the Dinosaurs Face and then taped the accordion fold to the front of the hat.

dinosaur crafts for kids

This hat is so very cute when wee ones are wearing it.  It was next to impossible for me to get a good picture as Sammy would not stop bobbling!

dinosaur crafts for kids dinosaur crafts for kids

He has done so much pretend play with this hat – and has worn it pretty much constantly since we finished it.  Sammy caught a glimpse of himself in a mirror – which sparked even more creative play and fun.

dinosaur crafts for kids

This Bobbling Dinosaur Hat is so simple and so fun! If your wee one loves dinosaurs, you should check out these other dinosaur crafts for kids ideas:

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  1. says

    Oh my this is amazing – and see that happy face – I’m sure my boy will have one just like that when we make one!
    Thank you we saw a guy in London with a dinosaur hat and I said I’d make one and this has hugely inspired me. Have pinned.

    • Sarah says

      Thank you so much for pinning! Yes, my Sammy absolutely loves his bobbling dino hat – I hope your wee one will too!

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