Flying into a Letter Recognition Activity!

We had some friends join us earlier this week for a day – and it was lovely.  These two little monkeys are such sweethearts, and are almost exactly the same age as my littlest two.  We had such a fun (and busy) day!  One activity that turned out to be a huge hit was this paper airplane letter recognition activity for preschoolers game.

flying paper airplanes to recognize letters

We have been playing with letter recognition activities quite a bit lately.  Sam has started to take an interest in print when we are out and about, and loves pointing out letters he knows.  This particular letter recognition activity happened rather on it’s own!

I decided to put some painters tape letters on the floor – we love putting painters tape on the floor for so many things: roads, number learning, even mazes!  I like having letters out and about in new and interesting ways – I find it sparks new ways to play and learn with them.  And that was just what happened here …

Through a series of events — Madeline learning about flight, the kids wanting to know what flight was, Madeline explaining through a paper airplane —- paper airplanes were created. Then, of course, the throwing of paper airplanes occurred.  Since we had alphabet letters on the floor already, the kids started aiming at them, trying to hit different letters.

how we learn with flying paper airplanes to identify letters

Sammy’s friend decided she would like to print the letters she hit onto her airplane to decorate it.  Cute – and fantastic!  Sammy decided he would also like to practice printing … wonderful – the positive power of peer influence at work!

how we learn by printing letters after identifying them

printing letters after identifying them

The kids had a great time with this letter recognition activity.  They would take turns throwing their planes, identifying the letter they hit, and try to write it down on their paper airplane.  So much learning with this game!

After a little while, they stopped printing the letters and then soon after that they started aiming their paper airplanes at other things all together.  I love that this game happened so naturally for these little ones – how they feel learning and playing are one and the same.

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