Incredible Things to Make with Salt Dough

Yesterday I shared our new found love for salt dough.  It is simple to make, lovely to work with, easy to bake, and great to paint! Here is the post on painting salt dough, in case you missed it.   So today I thought I would share a bit more about salt dough – particularly, things to make with salt dough! so many great crafts using salt dough

In case salt dough is new to you, I use the recipe found over at The Imagination Tree.  All you need is flour, salt, and water.  Be sure to click over to The Imagination Tree to get the simple tutorial for how to make salt dough. Now that you have the recipe and the how-to for making salt dough, what can you make with salt dough?  To put it simply — ANYTHING!

Things to Make with Salt Dough


making ornaments with salt dough

Owl Ornaments by Homemade By Jill.  These little owls would look adorable on a Christmas tree, or hung from a mantle or window all year long!

ornaments made with salt doughConverstaion Heart Ornaments by Sandy Toes and Popsicles.  What a sweet way to show someone how much you care!  These would be lovely mailed out to Grandparents too (maybe to accompany the ‘5 reasons we love Grandma‘ Valentine cards!)

Gift Tags

gift tags made with salt dough

Love Gift Tags by Blue Mason Jar Studio. (I am afraid just the photo for now, trouble with the link).  I love this process – and the result is absolutely stunning.  Gift tags are such great  things to make with salt dough!  Blue Mason Jar Studio has many other gift tag ideas made from salt dough as well.


making animals with salt dough

Hedehogs by Wolf Creek Crafting.  A great tutorial – and look how cute that hedgehog is made from salt dough?! salt dough animals

Snakes by Frugal Fun 4 Boys.   This would be a great process activity for preschoolers too – the rolling and shaping.  And, the end result is awfully cute too – can’t beat that!


snowmen made with salt dough

Snowmen by Daddy Dan 360.  Winter time is a great season to find out – what can you make with salt dough?  As it turns out, you can make a whole little family!


using salt dough for leaf imprints

Natural Leaf Imprints by The Imagination Tree.  We love going for nature walks and always have so many treasures at home.  I am excited to make some salt dough imprints with some of our treasures this spring! foot prints in salt dough

Footprints (or Handprints) by Squidoo.  No baby phase is complete without a sweet hand print or foot print keepsake!


a cookie platter made from salt dough

Cookie Platter by Striving Mommy.  I had no idea you could make something quite as big as this, but apparently you can!  We will be trying to make this with salt dough.


magnets as things to make with salt dough

Heart Magnets by The Connections We Share.  I love these little heart magnets.  And you could make any magnet at all that your little ones would like!  I think we will make some numbers for our fridge.


making beads with salt dough

Kid Beads by One Perfect Day.  I love how beautiful these beads are, and how little ones can thread them to make bracelets or necklaces.  What a sweet gift that would make!

Luckily, it seems as though we have plenty of things to make with salt dough – so our love for this dough can continue for some time! Whether you are looking for salt dough ornaments for Christmas, Gifts kids can make with salt dough, or simply wondering what the heck can I make with salt dough – this list has you covered!

Hope you found it helpful and it gave you a bit of inspiration!

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