32 Easy Watercolor Painting Ideas

This winter we were very into our art (notice the use of ‘were’ – I am full out ignoring the fact that it is still snowing outside).  One material that saw a lot of use – in many different ways was watercolors.  We tried out so many different watercolor painting ideas!  I love these particular watercolor techniques because they are great for kids of all ages.

watercolor painting ideas for kids how we learn

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We tried many of these 32 watercolor techniques and ideas – and they were great for my little and big kids!  Don’t have watercolors on hand?  Check out these watercolor paints – perfect for little artists.

Here are 32 Watercolor Painting Ideas for Kids

winter art activity how we learn

watercolors and crayon resist – This is a classic!  Simple and straight forward – and could be used in so many ways!  We made a beautiful winter landscape.

watercolor painting ideas

watercolor with coffee filtersHands on As we Grow. These are gorgeous for spring!  What a lovely way to brighten up a room.

watercolor painting ideas for kids

Watercolor on canvas Learn with Play at Home.  My daughter loves painting on a canvas – I think it is a sign to little ones that their art is important.

watercolor techniques for kids

Watercolor, Glue, and SaltSweet Happy Life.  The process is fantastic – and look at this end result!! Gorgeous!

watercolor painting ideas for kids

Watercolor on Board BooksCreative with kids.  What a fantastic way to re-purpose!

watercolour painting techniques

Watercolor on EggsModern Parent Messy Kids.  I have never though of using watercolors on eggs for Easter – what a wonderful watercolor painting idea!

watercolor painting ideas for kids

Watercolor paint and cling wrapPicklebums.  We tried this watercolor painting technique is so much fun – and was great fun for even my littlest artist!

watercolour painting ideas

Watercolor wet-on-wet techniqueNurturestore.  I actually used this watercolor technique in my Kindergarten classroom a few years ago – it is so neat!

watercolour painting ideas

Watercolors and stampsBalzer designs.  This technique we have not yet tried, but it is on our to do list.  Simply water, stamps, and watercolors!  Awesome.

watercolour painting ideas

Watercolors and Bubbles Art Ideas Crafts.  We are saving this one to try outside this spring.  I know it will be a huge hit! 

watercolor painting ideas

Watercolor on Seashells Pink and Green Mama.  We have created out of sea shells before, but we have not done watercolor on them – what a neat idea!

watercolor painting ideas for kids

Watercolor Silhouettes Prudent Baby.  These look so gorgeous, and you could use so many different silhouettes. 

watercolor painting ideas for kids

Watercolor and Cookie CuttersLove and Laundry.  Sometimes watercolor painting ideas are simple AND brilliant.  I just love this idea of using cookie cutters!

watercolor painting ideas

Watercolor and Flower PrintsLil Sugar.  This one is fantastic.  I love creating with nature

watercolor techniques using a doily

Watercolor and DoiliesWhatever … (Meg Duerksen).  What a beautiful watercolor painting idea!  I love the picture of these strung up in the window.

watercolor painting techniques

Watercolors on Pinecones Sara’s Art House.  Another Sara with a weakness for Pine Cones perhaps … LOVE.

watercolor painting ideas

Watercolor Pour PaintingHousing a Forest.  We have done pour painting on planters before, but not with watercolors – what a neat technique!

watercolor painting on tape

Watercolors and TapeWillowday.  This would be beautiful for wrapping presents!

water color techniques for kids

Watercolors and ‘Drippy Splashy’ Process Art Artchoo.  These watercolor ideas – with drippy and splashy techniques – are fantastic examples of process art!

wrapping paper watercolor painting ideas

Watercolor and wrapping paperBuggy and Buddy.  I love homemade wrapping paper!

watercolor painting ideas for kids

Watercolor Symmetry Sweet Paul Make.  This symmetrical art is so pretty, and full of learning too!

watercolor painting ideas

Watercolor sticker resistTinkerlab.  This is another classic watercolor technique.  Perfect for very young artists!

watercolor painting ideas for kids

Watercolor and Shaving Cream MarblingTot School.  This watercolor painting idea is awesome.  Stirring gently is key!

painting ideas with watercolor

Watercolor and Oil Babble Dabble Do.  I think this watercolor technique may be one of my very favorites.  A lovely process and super cool result.

watercolour painting ideas for kids

Watercolor and Magic Milk Life Lesson Plans.  Magic milk with watercolors.  Super cool.

watercolor painting ideas for kids

Watercolor and Snow Lemon Lime Adventures.  We did lots of snow painting this year – but never brought the watercolors out there!

watercolor painting ideas for kids

Watercolors on contact paper My Little 3 and Me.  These are such beautiful suncatchers!

watercolor painting ideas

Crystallizing WatercolorsFun at Home with Kids.  Love when science and art combines to create beauty!

watercolor paintingideas

Watercolor Eruptions Blog Me Mom.  This is another awesome science and art combination – and PURE AWESOME!

pouring salt on watercolor painting

Watercolor Painting with Salt – we shared this watercolor painting idea with you yesterday.  So simple, and really pretty!

watercolor painting

Watercolor on Salt Dough –  Watercolors are awesome for painting on salt dough!

I hope you check out some of these neat ideas – art is an amazing outlet for so many kids.  I have gotten much better at focusing on the process when doing art with my little ones.  These watercolor painting ideas are excellent for focusing on process!

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  1. Nicole Robinson says

    These watercolor ideas are simply brilliant. As an art teacher of 3-6 year olds, I am always looking for new ideas! Thank you so much!

  2. Emily says

    I’m teaching a week-long watercolor themed class at a summer camp next week and these ideas are BEYOND cool. I can’t wait to see what my campers come up with. Thanks for your help!

  3. Connie Carter says

    Great work ! Just love the oil and paint and also the bubble painting. Helped me in my Summer Vacation’s Project. Love yaah. Thank you so much.

    • Sarah says

      Very glad this post was helpful to you Connie! Enjoy your summer vacation project and thank you for reading!

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