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Exploring Toy Cars

I was unsure about writing this post … as perhaps it is common knowledge.  However, for me it was not common knowledge and I found it totally awesome.  This simple activity has also kept my preschooler busy for 3 consecutive afternoons. 
how to make an egg carton helicopter for kids

FLYING Egg Carton Helicopter!

We store up our cardboard egg cartons during the winter to use in the spring for starting our seeds for our garden.  However, this year we were given some little peat pots from a friend.  Therefore, we have quite a few
spring nature walk connecting with nature

Connecting with Nature: A Spring Nature Walk

Today is Earth Day! I am teaming up with some nature loving Mama bloggers to share some spring nature walks (be sure to click through at the bottom to read their posts!) I shared a big round up of Earth Day Nature
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Unbelievable Health Benefits of Nature Walks!

If you have read our blog for any length of time, you likely know that we love nature walks.  I love them because I find them relaxing, and my kids love to explore.  Recently I looked into some of the health
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Easter Weekend Activities and Crafts!

Looking for Easter crafts and activities for the weekend?  Well, look no further!  Um – well, actually look just a little further down the page.  Here are some awesome Easter activities to keep everyone happy and spending time together this weekend. 
how we learn playdough decorated easter eggs

SIMPLE Playdough Decorated Easter Eggs!

Well, I am not at all one to use four letter words – and to use one on my website is outrageous – and yet here we go … Due to the ….. SNOW yesterday (mid-April, oh my) we had an
gardening activities for kids

Gardening Activities for Kids

This year it seemed as though Spring may not come at all.  It is now the middle of April, and snow can still be found in our backyard.  But the days are becoming increasingly warmer and my kids are becoming increasingly
one simple step to healthy living

One Step to Healthy Living

One of my very most favourite blogs of all times is Soule Mama.  Amanda writes so beautifully about the simple life she is living with her family.  I read her posts and feel inspired to slow down and connect with my
Kids handprint art

50 Keepsake Worthy Kids Handprint Art Ideas

I mentioned yesterday my love for kids handprint art.  Those tiny chubby fingers, stamped or traced, fill my keepsake boxes.  If you should happen to feel the same way about tiny handprints – then you are in luck!  Here is a
how we learn to make handprint art

Kids Handprint Art

I have such a soft spot kids handprint art.  Seeing my babes tiny hands stamped or traced on to paper is one of my very favourite things.  I look back so fondly on the tiny handprints of my now 11 year