Healthy and pretty watermelon cake

Beautiful Watermelon Cake {A Photo on Friday}

A photo on Friday, because sometimes all you need is the picture. Did you happen to notice that last week it was truly ONLY a photo?! Well, this week I have a few quick words about this beautiful watermelon cake. Sammy is turning 5 very soon, and he had his first celebration this week. With…

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how we learn about wind spinners

Wild-Child Wind Spinner

There are an awful lot of trees in our new house. Sammy recently made a birdhouse with his Papa, and it made me think about this most from last spring. I think it is time to make some more wind spinners with my wild child.  Here is my original post, in case you would like…

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A preschoolers springbucket list

A Preschooler’s Spring Bucket List!

Have you been on Pinterest lately? I truly love Pinterest (are you following us over there? If not please do!).  I find it so inspiring – though at times SO overwhelming.  I was looking for some neat spring activities, and while I did find some awesome ideas – a lot were very complicated.  I started…

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Another week of quiet boxes

Quiet Boxes: Week 2

Did you catch the first week of quiet boxes I shared? If not you can see them right here, This Weeks Quiet Boxes. As I promised, here is our next week of quiet boxes. We kept the last ones for over 2 weeks, actually. The kids loved them and were able to use them in…

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paper plate owl

Paper Plate Owl {A Photo on Friday}

A photo on Friday, because sometimes all you need is the picture! Have a HOOT this weekend friends. OWL be back here on Monday, hope to see you then! Please consider liking us on Facebook for more creative learning activities! And Pinterest too! Thank you for reading.

How we learn thorugh painting

Nature Painting

We host a home school group here each week. It is a fun group, a busy group. A BUSY group. Mind you it is mostly because of my busy boys, but that is besides the point. Every week I try to plan an activity that will burn off some energy. This week I had planned…

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Awesome science for kids!

Super Cool Walking Water

We are settling into a new rhythm around here. We are generally outside more, the littlest of my wild ones is just coming out of his nap time, and I have been busy with our summer farming plans. All of that is to tell you that this amazingly awesome science project for kids I am…

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A Balancing beam for toddlers

To Get ‘Em Moving on a Rainy Day

Is there anything better than a spring rain? After the long, cold winter, we welcome that spring rain around here. Washing away all the snow and ice, getting the ground ready for our plants. We really do welcome the rain. At least the first rain. And the second. Maybe even the third. But come that…

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marbled easter eggs

Marbled Easter Eggs {A Photo on Friday}

A photo on Friday, because some times all you need is the photo. Mind you this is not one of those times! But these beautiful marbled Easter eggs were made by Sam at our local Waldorf school, and they are simply too beautiful not to share. The instructions are simple. Hollow out an egg, wet…

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birthday chain title

Birthday Countdown

The countdown has begun. Already. Though, I suppose, why shouldn’t it? A birthday is a wonderful reason to celebrate, and a 5th birthday? Hardly anything better. With a 5th birthday mere days away (albeit 20 days …) my Sammy was very excited, and ready to do something to get ready for his birthday. I figured…

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