how we created our own dollhouse out of yarn!

Yarn Bombed Chair turned Dollhouse

The verdict is still out as to whether this idea is brilliant, or ridiculous. And perhaps it is one of those ideas that will depend on the eye of the beholder.  To me, as you might imagine as the creator, this idea is genius. To my hubby this idea seems a tad unorthodox. Of course…

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A cute preschool craft and rainbow snack!

Rainbow Craft and Snack {A Photo on Friday}

A photo on Friday – because sometimes all you need is the photo. And maybe a sentence for supplies: We made this cute rainbow snack (and yes, it is a treat, unhealthy, and very unlike me – but it’s February and we are in survival mode!) using a dry spaghetti noodle, fruit loops, and marshmallows. …

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how we learn with a catapult

Learning with a BIG and Simple Catapult

Very hard to believe, but the first day we used our log balancing beam, we simply used it for balancing.  The boys were so engaged with that neat activity that they didn’t even notice it’s launching capability. Until Day 2. Sam stepped on the beam a little bit too quickly and noticed how fast the…

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an indoor snow activity making snowball faces

Snowball Faces

I will not talk to you about the weather we have been having.  I will spare you my complaining, and there are really no words anyway.  It is not cold or even frigid.  I don’t think we have a word in the English language for this kind of weather. That being said, I have muttered…

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pattern activities for kindergarten

Move and Learn to Pattern

My most recent year teaching I taught in a unique classroom.  I was the teacher for 14 students with profound learning disabilities.  This was a class for 12 year olds, and these children had average or above average intelligence, but most couldn’t read or write. Why?  They learned differently. Each child had struggled through school…

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learning activities for 3 month old babies

Learning Activities for 3 Month Old Babies

When my little ones were 3 month old babies, I could not have written this post.  I could not have formulated coherent sentences to write about learning activities for 3 month old babies.  And if I had found the time, and words, to write it (miraculously), I would have certainly opted to sleep. But now…

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Alphabet activities for preschoolers using gross motor skills

Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers: No Pencil Required!

Sammy is very interested in letters and ‘spelling’ right now.  He loves to ask how to spell words, point out letters he knows everywhere he goes, and generally all alphabet activities for preschoolers. He would also very much love to print these letters.  However, he is simply not quite ready for writing.  He is 3…

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A healthy and fun snack for toddlers - apple boats!

A Photo on Friday: Apple Boat

A photo on Friday – because sometimes, all you need is the photo. {And maybe the ingredients: Apple, peanut butter, raisins, dry spaghetti noodle, and cheese} Fewer words then last week – I’m improving! Happy weekend Friends! Please consider liking us on Facebook so we can share more creative learning activities with you and your…

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HOAWG snack

Fun and Healthy Valentine’s Day Snack

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!  Truth be told, I do miss being in the classroom on days like that. A day of fun, crafting, and valentine exchanging — and seeing the cute snack parents would come up. But, this year I am home with my little ones – and embracing every aspect of it.  I will…

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