stick framing

A Sticky Fix {A Photo on Friday}

A photo on Friday, because sometimes all you need is the picture. I had been thinking (and thinking and thinking) about the best way to display my little ones art work. Our pictures can be really big (or very small) and I wanted to change them quite often. Just the other day I decided to…

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a rustic country wedding shower

A Rustic Wedding Shower …

Alright friends, some exciting news – my little sister is getting married! This weekend my Mom, older sister, and I threw her a lovely rustic wedding shower at my farmhouse. My little sister is one of a kind. Thoughtful, sweet, and always has been. Truly. She is just one of those amazing people. She has…

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Independent Toddler Activities

Independent Toddler Activities

Guess what? I have been doing this for a long time now. Writing and sharing ideas in this space. So long in fact, that I am re-using my own ideas! This post on independent toddler ideas I wrote when I had a new baby. Now that new baby is well into toddler-hood himself. And while…

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How to use loose parts in math

Our Science and Math Shelf …

Do you know about the power of “loose parts” in play? It’s quite remarkable. Such a simple concept – one of those concepts that just make sense. In a nut shell, loose parts are exactly that. (You are most welcome for clearing that one up!) Loose parts can be anything at all – synthetic or…

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Simple but AMAZING science experiments for kids!

43 Science Experiments to BLOW your Kid’s Mind!

Science is really cool. There are so many amazing things in this world of ours. So many things that just make me stop and say, “whoa” … or “wow” … or “What the …!!” (depending, of course, on my company) Children, as we know, are naturally curious. They naturally want to learn all about the…

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four seasons tree sun catcher

Four Seasons Tree Sun Catchers

John and I had some time to ourselves this weekend. All of the kids went for a sleepover to Nana and Papa’s house, so John and I let loose and went … Antique and Flea Market Shopping! Yep. And it was fantastic. We sauntered along for hours looking at neat things, pondering where we could…

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terrible mama

Sometimes a Mama LIES …

I wish I wasn’t writing this post. I wish I was writing to tell you about all of the fluffy baby chicks we now have in our barn. I wish I was writing about what a wonderful Mama Chloe turned out to be. I wish I was telling you this, but I’m not going to….

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Ideas for making handprint t-shirs!

Handprint T-Shirts {A Photo on Friday}

A photo on Friday, because sometimes all you need is a picture. (Thought I might need to change the wording, as I very rarely actually share just a photo). I wrote a little bit about some crafts we had planned for our cottage trip this year a few weeks ago. I really wanted to find…

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Awesome field trip ideas for kids

12 Field Trips that could Change the World

I wrote yesterday about my intent to homeschool my boys for awhile using the Oak Meadow Curriculum. Good news — today that is still the plan. With all my uncertainty and wavering on the decision to educate my boys myself, I have been focusing on my “Why”. Why is it, really, that I want to…

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Oak Meadow Kindergarten curriculum review

Oak Meadow Kindergarten Curriculum Review

Here is a post that I wasn’t at all sure I would be writing just a week ago. Back and forth, back and forth, deciding and un-deciding, losing sleep, and losing my sanity (more so than usual that is). This idea of homeschooling is certainly not coming as simply as I had thought it would….

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