homemade gifts for kids

Stuffed Felt Numbers

I really like homemade gifts.  I love receiving them, and I really like giving them.  Financially of course it is beneficial, but it is also so much more.  Creating homemade gifts is a lengthy process, meaning I am thinking of the
how we learn, how wee learn

Textured Owl Craft

It was a good morning for crafting today.  A little drizzly and cold outside, and everyone at home together.  I pulled out some craft supplies and let my little ones start crafting!  While they were creating, I got creating too.  I
how we learn, how wee learn

Reusable Alphabet Paper Chains

I was thrilled to be asked to be a contributor over at Hands on as we Grow.  I adore that blog and love how practical, simple, and ‘every day’ the activities Jamie shares are! I contributed my first post yesterday, and
baby lotion bars

Calming Lavender Lotion Bar

As you may know, we are taking steps to live a healthier lifestyle as a family.  We are living simply, trying to slow down, and ‘make our own’ whenever we can.  A couple of years ago I wrote some posts for
creating, how we learn, how wee learn

Skimming the Cream

A long while ago I was speaking with a friend about some challenges she was facing.  I remember many things from that conversation: her strength, courage, and positive mindset.  I also vividly remember her talking about “skimming the cream”.  She spoke
how to make paper dolls

Sticky Paper Dolls

I was telling my little ones a story about when I was a little girl (and yes, I did feel exceptionally old in doing so) and I mentioned paper dolls.  I used to make them all the time when I was
how we learn, how wee learn

Half a Dozen …

For those following along on our farming adventure, I am happy to report: one week in and we still have chickens!  In fact, my promise of becoming the crazy chicken lady is growing.  Yesterday we picked up 3 more little ladies
teaching math to preschoolers

Teaching Math to Preschoolers with Playing Cards

I am a big advocate for unstructured play.  Loads of it.  Tons of time for little ones to explore, be outside, and discover on their own.  But I also believe in balance.  I do some actual teaching with my little ones
how to hatch chickens with kids

Home (to Stay)

Three months ago, as you may recall, we hatched chicks — again.  I absolutely love hatching chicks with kids, and this was my third hatch.  Each year I do it, I think to myself that perhaps this year we will be
science experimetns for kids

Science Experiment: Why Do Leaves Change Colour?

Science experiments for kids are big in our home.  My kids love them – and so do I.  While teaching Kindergarten I made science experiments a priority.  Kids are so naturally curious about the world around them and science experiments bring