Six ways to make money while staying home with kids

The 6 Ways I make money from Home

I have been home with my little ones now for 3 full years. With a big decision finally sealed, we have decided to stay a one income family. I will be returning to teaching in the Fall in only the tiniest of ways, allowing me to do what I really want to do … be…

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Create a beautiful spring bunting with paper towel!

A Very Cheery Spring Bunting

What welcomes Spring more than paper towel coloured with markers? Why nothing at all.  We made this sweet paper towel bunting over the March break using only paper towel, markers, and water. I love it because it is so simple, it turned out so pretty, and most of all because all 3 of my little…

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a sweet sunflower weaving class for preschoolers

Weaving Sunflower Seeds

I feel as though I am always beginning my posts with a weather update for you. I am quite sure you are not very interested in my local weather, though I am also quite sure that you kind souls will amuse me. Yet again. It has been a rather chilly week here! It appears our…

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This simple sticker trick is brilliant for preschoolers!

The Great Sticker Trick {A Photo on Friday}

A photo on Friday, because sometimes all you need is a photo! This great trick for stickers allows little fingers to peel them all on their own. Great for developing fine motor skills and independence. Simply peel off the back sticker, and all the little stickers remain. Making them perfect for Quiet Boxes!! And it…

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Balloon ABC title

Swat the ABC Balloons

Phew, I am behind on all of the things I want to share with you! And with a much anticipated visit up North for a few days, I fear it will only get worse! But I am doing my best to share my most favourite things we have been doing here lately. I have a…

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how we learn gardening activities for kids

Gardening Activities for Kids

I was taking a peek at this post to help me sort out our garden just a little bit more. Since we are going REALLY big this year, I am trying to be REALLY organized. I had forgot the name of the website we use to find out when our seeds should be sown –…

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birthday on the farm 2

Birthday on the Farm

Today is my birthday! I had such a lovely day, and enjoyed every minute. With spring break this week, John is home, so we could have gone anywhere and done anything (well … not anywhere and anything …) But we didn’t. We spent the day in my most favourite place of all. At home.  …

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paper chain rainbow

Spring Paper Rainbow

All things coloured. The theme of the late winter season continues in our home, with bright crafting running rampant. And thankfully, with the mild weather, my little ones have also been able to run rampant outside! We have been seeing so many signs of spring this past week, which is very early for us here…

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contact paper mug

A Simple Quote Mug {A Photo on Friday}

{A Photo on Friday} I am cheating a little bit this Friday, as this photo requires just a sentence or two. For this sweet quote mug I took a piece of contact paper and cut a heart out of the middle. I stuck this to the mug and then wrote my quote inside the heart….

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