Ben Clothespins

Clothespins Outside {A Photo on Friday}

A photo on Friday, because sometimes all you need is the picture. This photo on Friday is sort of more an idea on Friday. Bring some clothespins outside! As I am hanging my laundry on the line my little ones clip clothespins to the highest tree leaves they can. They also try to pick up…

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raising thoughtful kids

Thoughtful Frames

I am raising thoughtful kids. There are a few qualities that I really want my children to develop (strongly develop).  One that is very important, closely behind kindness, is that they are thoughtful. I want thoughtful children. Kids who hold doors, have empathy, and think of others. Kids who don’t think twice about helping someone…

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closed captioning

A Simple Reading Trick {A photo on Friday}

A photo on Friday, because sometimes all you really need is the photo. But usually I can’t help but unnecessarily say a few things about that photo. This simple idea, turning the closed captioning on while kids watch television, is brilliant. This idea was suggested at a teaching conference I attended a long while back….

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50 learning activities for baby

50 Learning Activities for Babies

I have received a few notes asking about ideas of activities for babies. Well, I am a big believer in simple experiences. Letting little ones experience as many simple things as possible will immensely benefit them throughout their childhood. And keeping it simple is key! Here is a post I wrote well over a year…

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How to find a rhythm in your day

The Secret to Peaceful Days at Home with Kids

Time to be a little honest here. In this space I like to write about our learning adventures at home, the fun times, and the joyous moments with my little ones. But, truth be told, things aren’t always peachy. In fact, for awhile last year, things were flat out terrible. My busy boys were simply…

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loose parts

Loose Parts Outside {A Photo on Friday}

A photo on Friday, because sometimes all you need is the picture. This week I wanted to remind you how simple activities with little ones can be. The boys were gathering up some stones and pine cones while outside, and Ben (2) decided to build a house with them. Exploring with “loose parts” is wonderful…

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A cute summer snack - frozen fruit

Frozen Snack!

We were nestled in a few days ago on a chilly, drizzly day. The type of day that just makes you sleepy. The type of day absolutely perfect for snuggling little ones while watching a show or two. While my littlest had his nap, me and my middle-guy were watching a Sid the Science Kid….

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outdoor birthday party ideas for $20

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

We celebrated a great big birthday recently. Sammy turned the big 5! And for his party this year he wanted an outdoor birthday party — “Outdoor the whole entire time!” Perfect, because the only thing I love more than a house full of little ones, is a yard full of them! I had so much…

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plant dreams, lovely spring garden quote

Getting ready

We have only 2 weeks until we plant our veggie garden! Which is why I have no post for you today friends! I am excited to share some fun outdoor birthday party ideas with you tomorrow. Hope you have a lovely start to your week. Please consider liking us on Facebook and following on Pinterest….

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