Alphabet Games for Preschoolers: The Letter Monster!

While teaching Kindergarten, I created a character known to my wee ones as the Letter Monster.  We would create him or her in various forms and play various games throughout the year.  This character was a HUGE hit with my class, so I decided to make a Letter Monster with Sammy.

Alphabet Games for Preschooolers

This Letter Monster was super simple to make and can be used for so many alphabet games for preschoolers.  Here is how we made it, and some games we have been playing.

Materials needed for the letter monster alphabet games for preschoolers

Alphabet Games for Preschooolers

Fabric Softener Box (or any cardboard box, really)

Paint (we used acrylic)

Egg Carton


Buttons, stickers, pipe cleaners, or construction paper to decorate

Creating The Letter Monster

I hot glued the egg carton eyes on to the monster – and Sammy took it from there!  He did all of the painting himself – I was so proud of myself (yep-myself) for not going over his paint myself.  Silly – but this was a big step for me!  He actually did a wonderful job.  We did two coats – and then Sammy decided he wanted to paint the inside of The Letter Monsters mouth too.

Alphabet Games for Preschooolers

Once everything was dry, we decorated!  We used Pipe cleaners for eye lashes (I poked holes in the egg cartons with a pen tip, and Sammy thread the pipe cleaners through – Sammy loves pipe cleaners!), he glued on eyes (just with liquid white glue) and a nose.  I stuck a tongue in too.  We added Letter Stickers as well.

Alphabet Games for Preschooolers

That’s it!

Playing Alphabet Games for Preschoolers with our Letter Monster

So far we have played 2 Alphabet Games with our Letter Monster.

  1. This monster (who was named ‘Monster’ … hmmm) is a very fussy gal.  She will only eat items that are small enough to fit in her mouth AND that start with a certain letter.  And she changes her mind all the time!  Monster would only eat items that started with the sound ‘B’ (so Sammy found her a bus and some beads) – but then – suddenly – and rather rudely – Monster spit out these items saying she now only likes items that start with ‘S’ .  Oh Hilarious!  I tell you, having a preschooler is excellent for my self-esteem – makes me feel like a comedian!
  2. The second Alphabet Game for preschoolers we have been enjoying is ‘Hide the Object’.  Someone hides an object inside Monsters mouth, and gives clues as to what that object is.  The others guess.  When I hid a Firetruck, I told Sammy it started with the sound “f” and has 4 wheels.

Alphabet Games for Preschooolers

There are so many alphabet games that can be played with this Letter Monster.  It was a fun character to have in the classroom, and will be a fun one to have at home too!

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  1. Mildred Noftle says

    Cute Monster… He sure has a big Mouth… ha … but it sure was interesting to see how he was created… Sammy is getting an early head start on Kindergarten. he looks very serious when painting. and thought the sticky tree was very interesting too…
    Think I am getting as much fun out of it all as Sammy just reading all about it. I feel like a fly on the Wall…ha

    • Sarah says

      Thank you Eva! Yes, there are lots of activities you could do – for all ages! Perhaps I will do a post on this too – thanks for the idea!

  2. says

    Making this cute monster at Halloween time is a great way to tie Halloween into your homeschooling studies. The alphabet activities are also really great to help younger learners see what the monster is and is not eating depending on what letter it is hungry for. What a cute idea! Thank you for sharing and for linking up this week to the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop.

    • Sarah says

      Kate – thank you so much for featuring The Letter Monster. I am excited to see what other preschool ideas I will find on your Share it Saturday!


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