An A-maze-ing Learning Letters Game!

Learning letters can be fun and simple.  This game was one we have done many times in many different ways.  Today, we added in some name letters (and a bulldozer) to make it a fun and easy learning letters game.  It was a huge hit!

Learning letters game with running and fun!

From teaching Kindergarten I know all kids learn letters differently.  Sammy likes to learn his letters by learning new words.  We started with his name letters and once he had those we added in some family members names and sight words too.  This left us with only about 6 or 7 letters he didn’t know.  So we have played a few games to practice those uncommon letters.  But this learning letters game was all about gathering letters to spell words.

To set up this game I put painters tape (which we use a lot, and a lot) to form a maze.  I just made a square making each side slightly shorter then the one before so the tape would maze around and around into the middle.

Next, I cut out letters for Sammy’s name and put them in the maze all mixed up. Then I put some tape on the wall for the letters to be stuck in order once found.  Sammy’s job was to take his bulldozer and follow the maze to gather his name letters in order.  Once he found one, he scooped it up and ran it to the wall to stick it in place.

Sam decided it should be a race, so he grabbed his egg timer for an added challenge.

Learning letters game with running and fun!

This learning letters game was such a hit that Sam asked for more and more names to be cut up and put in the maze.

Of course not to be left out of the fun, Benjamin had a few turns, and was also Sammy’s  short cut (when Sam was running out of time he would ask Ben to pass him letters … “just for a shortcut”).  He was also occasionally a road block …

Learning letters game with running and fun!

For names or words that Sammy was unfamiliar with, or had trouble with the order of the letters, I would write the letters in order on the painters tape on the wall.  This way Sammy could still be independent while practicing and learning letters.

Learning letters game with running and fun!

Sammy is a learner who likes to be busy.  It always amazes me how much he actually learns (and remembers) from playing these games!  To me, at times, it looks like he is focusing on the racing or running — which he is — but he is also learning letters!  Games like this are a great reminder that kids can learn in so many different, fun, and creative ways.

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  1. zul says

    Thnks… your idea is great. I have been teaching preschool for years. Thnks to your idea my method of teaching is changing. The kids love it.

    • Sarah says

      Wow – preschool teachers are a very special bunch. I love that you let your approach grow and change with your little ones – thank you for taking the time to comment!

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