Winter Art Activity: Crayon Resist Winter Landscape

I love the simplicity of crayon resist art.  We did lots of crayon resist activities in Kindergarten and we love doing them at home too.  I love activities that can be easily done with any age.  Since we have started homeschooling, I  have really found a renewed appreciation for these activities!  This winter art activity was completed by Madeline (11), Sammy (3), and Benjamin (1).  Well, Benjamin participated by making some marks with the crayons (and tasting them of course) and then doing a few dots of paint before losing interest.  But I still count that as participating!

winter art activity

To make this winter art landscape we used paper, crayons, and water colour paints. That’s it!  And the process is simple allowing for lots of child-led creativity.

To create this winter art activity:

First, the kids drew a picture using white crayons.  Sammy drew some circles and what appeared to be a face (he is just beginning to draw people .. oh how I adore that stage!) And Madeline drew some bare winter trees for her winter landscape.

winter art activity for kids

Then they painted over their drawings with watery water colour paints.  Madeline used blends of blues and whites.  Sammy’s winter landscape was a bit more abstract with greens, reds, purples, yellows, and oranges.  Both turned out lovely!  The trick, I have found, is to use lots of water.  This helps both with the blending of colours and in ensuring the crayon resists the paint.

winter art activity for kids

I think this winter art activity was a success – and the winter landscapes look beautiful!  I think they will get framed (which we do by using sticks from the backyard … it’s how we roll around here) and hung in our kitchen.

All of my kids seem to love the arts: visual art, drama, singing, music – the whole shebang! This is quite fortunate for me as I can easily differentiate these activities to suit the many levels of abilities in our home. Art is one of my wee ones very favourites, and I find I look forward to it as well!  I love seeing how creative my kids are – and how much they learn, grow, and change all of the time!  If I could have my kids either doing art or playing outside all day I don’t think I would have any squabbling at all … well, perhaps that’s a stretch … oh the squabbles 😉

Today was a good day.  I hope yours was too!

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