St Patricks Day Craft: Pepper Stamping!

We really don’t celebrate St Patricks day.  March is full of Birthdays in our house, and for some reason, I have just never really gotten into doing many St Patricks Day Crafts.  That being said, we did stumble upon this neat shamrock pepper stamping craft that is too simple and adorable to not share with all of you more festive then myself!

This simple St Patricks Day Craft is ideal for toddlers, preschoolers, or big kids!  It could be kept as a cute and simple craft, or made into an extensive learning activity.  Best of all, you likely already have everything you need!

pepper stamping st patricks day craft how we learn

We are not shy of playing with our food around here.  Although I am careful to not waste food, once in awhile a celery or pepper does happen to pass it’s prime in our fridge.  And when that happens, the creative wheels start turning … just like when we did these heart celery stamps for Valentine’s Day.

This time it was Madeline who discovered how the shape of the bell pepper looks an awful lot like that of a four leaf clover.  And it does!

For this simple St Patricks Day Craft, we used peppers and paint.

how we learn peppers and paint for a st patricks day craft

First we took a bell pepper, on the had four bumps, and sliced the end off.

Then we mixed up some green paint, dipped the pepper in, and stamped some shamrocks!

Simple, creative, and dare I say – very St Patricks Day-ish!

st patricks day craft shamrocks

This stamping activity could be used in so many ways.  Patterning, counting, measuring – actually all of the ideas from this post on Apple Print Math could be used with pepper prints too!

Older kids could work on fractions by painting one quarter or one half of the pepper one color and the rest another.  Or they could get creative and try to make more detailed pepper stamps.

This activity raised some questions from my little ones about St Patricks Day.  Questions I really had no idea about!  So we will be looking into St Patricks Day a little more around here … and maybe we will become a bit more festive with this holiday!  Maybe …

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