Independent Valentine Preschool Activities

Trying really hard to share in this space three times a week friends, and I have been doing it!  But this week has been a bit crazy, as I am in the midst of a blog redesign (big changes in this little space very soon … well, actually everything will be pretty similar.  Just better organized now that I have so many posts … almost 300!)

Instead of rushing to pop out another post this week, I thought I would share this great post from last year … since it is getting rather close to that time again!  Hope you find some inspiration – enjoy!

Any holiday is exciting when you are a little one!  And drawing on this natural excitement is a wonderful way to make learning meaningful for kids.  My preschooler has been loving heart activities lately, so I thought I would find some new Valentine preschool activities.  And boy did we find some good ones!

valentine preschool activities

Here are 5 valentine preschool activities!

1.  Celery heart stamps – this was our very first Valentine’s day activity this year – the one that got my Sam on a heart kick.  It is so simple and such fun!  You could take this activity in so many different directions – patterning, measuring, counting, learning colours…

Valentine's day craft for preschoolers

2.  These preschool Valentine bead crafts from Spend with Pennies are such a fantastic idea!  Preschoolers could thread the beads all on their own practicing fine motor skills, patterning, and counting skills too! Check out Spend with Penny for the details!

preschool valentine activities

3.  These heart sun catchers by Building our Story are so simple and yet amazing!  These would look gorgeous on a window or hung from the ceiling!  And they could easily be made with anything you had on hand – check out how Building our Story made theirs!

preschool valentine activities

4.  These silly heart puppets would be fun to make and great for imaginative and creative play too!  Creative Family Fun has all the details on how to create these adorable puppets!

preschool valentine activities

5.  Finally, by No Time for Flashcards, these adorable coffee filter hearts are great for preschoolers!  Not only is the process amazing and full of learning, but the end product is also gorgeous!

valentine preschool activities

I love all 5 of these valentine preschool activities because kids can do them all on their own.  I love crafts, activities, and projects that have minimal set up and require minimal supervision.  It is wonderful for kids to learn, experiment, and create all on their own!

We have found some great Valentine activities to keep us busy – hope you enjoy them as well!

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    • Sarah says

      Those sun catchers are wonderful! And absolutely perfect independent Valentine’s day activities for preschoolers! Lovely idea!

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