75 Simple Paper Plate Crafts for Every Occasion!

We love all things simple in this house.  No need for anything too fancy, complicated, or expensive for my kids to get creative with.  We like things like paint, paper, glue, wool, tape, and paper plates.  We really like paper plates.  So much so that I challenged myself to find 75 paper plate crafts for kids to keep in my back pocket for a rainy day (or 75).

75 paper plate crafts for kids

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Finding 75 paper plate crafts for kids was actually easy!  I was able to be picky and choose activities that are easy and appropriate for kids to actually make themselves.  So – here is our list of …

75 Paper Plate Crafts for Kids


Paper Plate Hats

paper plate crafts dinosaur hat how we learn

Dinosaur Bobbling Hats – these paper plate hats were so fun to make, and even more fun for my kids to wear!

paper plate crafts for kids hats

Hats for ANY occasion! by Alphamom.  This post is amazing!!!!  This Mama shows you how to turn a paper plate into a hat for any occasion – I can tell you my little ones will be very happy I stumbled upon this post!

an easter hat made from paper plates

Easter Bonnet by Mama Jenn.  This would also make such a sweet hat for dress up play! Nothing beats paper plate crafts that can be re-used in play!

cat in the hat hats made from paper plates

The Cat in the Hat Hat by I Can Teach My Child.  These are so sweet!  Made from only one paper plate.  We are going to be making these ones too!

Paper Plate People 

colorful pompoms to make a clown from a paper plate

Clowns by CraftyVille Squidoo.  This paper plate activity would be great for practicing colors, counting, or patterns.

kids making pirates from paper plates

Pirates by Terrific 2s.  Arrrn’t these paper plate pirates adorable?!  What a great craft for any preschool pirate theme!


Paper Plate Holiday Crafts

pumpkin garland from plates

Jack-o-lantern Garland by PinLaVie.  This paper plates craft would look great on a kids bedroom door for Halloween!

paper plate Christmas crafts

15 Easy Paper Plate Christmas Crafts.   This one is my only cheat on the list – I compiled this list of 15 paper plate crafts over Christmas, so I am counting it as 15 :)  These paper plate crafts are easy enough for kids to make all on their own – and turn out super cute too!

easter basket paper plates craft

Easter Basket by Toddler Approved.  Love this simple idea!  It could be easily adapted for so many things!

ghost paper plates

Ghosts by Momma’s Fun World.  Ghosts are perfect easy paper plate crafts for kids.  This is an ideal craft for little ones!


Paper Plate Animals

paper plate animal craft groundhog

Groundhogs by i Heart crafty things.  I simply adore these paper plate animals … look at the teeth!

kid made elephants from paper plates

Elephant by Activity Village.  This elephant craft is fantastic for learning about texture too!

Flying Owl by In Design Art and Craft.  This paper plate craft has the owl flying – love that twist.

paper plate animal crafts

Seagulls by Local Fun for Kids.  These cute seagulls would look great in a preschool classroom during a Beach theme!!

cats made from painted paper plates

Cats by Creativity Takes Flight.  These easy paper plate crafts were done as an extension to a book.  These little cats are just adorable!  Such a creative idea from Creativity Takes Flight!

birds made from shapes and paper plates

Birdies by The Nest.  These little plump birds are so sweet.  They would really be a paper plate craft to brighten up a home during those grey winter months.

a spiky hedgehog made from kids cutting paper plates

Hedgehog by Michelle at Sassy Deals.  Hmmm … kids crafts with paper plates don’t get much cuter than this one.

chicken paper plates folded

Chickens by Molly Moo.  I love when “Mommy has a turn” and adds sneakers to her chicken.

lions with noodles and paper plates

Lion by Mrs Karen’s Class.  I love the learning that could go with paper plate crafts like this one …. counting, patterning …

black bat paper plate craft

Bats by My Preschool Crafts.  This is such a unique use of folded paper plates for these cute bats.  What a great activity for Fall!

owls made from paper plates by preschoolers

Owls by Cheap, Crafty Mama. Gluing feathers to the paper plates make it a great sensory activity as well.

peascock made from a folded paper plate

Peacock by JDaniel4sMom.  This peacock was made as an extension to a story – such a great idea!

cows made by kids from paper plates

Cows by Squidoo.  This is another paper plate craft that could be used in a million different ways!

a coiled snake made from a spiralled paper plate

Snakes by Click a Craft.  My little guys would have a great time with this craft!  And it is great for developing cutting skills in preschoolers too.

a colorful paper plate fish craft

Fish by Local Fun for Kids.  I think these fish paper plate crafts would make a great bulletin board in a preschool or classroom.

Birds in a Nest by Refined Metals Academy.  These little birdies look so sweet in their paper plate nest!

Birds in a Nest by Parents.  These versions of birds in a nest as paper plate crafts are for a little bit older children.  I love the little pom pom birds!

a painted paper plate folded with cotton ball inside

Oyster by Crafty Crafted.  Love the cotton ball as the pearl for these kids crafts with paper plates.

a paper plate cut to look like a swan

Swan by Sylvan Lake Library Kids.  This paper plate craft could be used in so many different ways!  I love the swan, and with a few little tweaks it could be a basket too!

Frog by Preschool Crafts for Kids.  These would be great paper plate crafts for preschoolers learning about tadpoles and frogs!

Dragon by DLTK Holidays.  These dragon paper plate crafts for kids would be great for Chinese New Year Celebrations!

aquarium craft with pebbles

Aquarium by Xwrapaidiwn.  This post is not in English, but the pictures are quite explanatory.  What a sweet and simple paper plate craft for kids!

Pig by Busy Bee Crafts.  This craft for kids would be excellent for following directions — and learning shapes too!

a turtle made from paper plates

Turtle by No Time for Flashcards.  The learning that could go along with this paper plate craft is wonderful!  Shapes, sizes, sorting, counting – anything!

dinosaur made from cut paper plates

Dinosaur by i Heart Crafty Things.  I love these sweet T-rexes – perfect kids crafts with paper plates!

a giraffe made with paper plates for preschoolers

Giraffe by i Heart Crafty Things.  I think these little paper plate giraffe heads are so sweet.  I may put them in our playroom with long necks and use them as growth charts for my little ones!


Paper Plate Creepy Crawlies

ladybug paper plate crafts for kids

Ladybugs by No Time for Flashcards.  I love how this craft can be full of learning too!!  Symmetry, numbers, even matching upper and lowercase letters!

spiders made from paper plates and pipecleaners

Spiders by Coffee Cups and Crayons.  These are sweet and easy paper plate crafts!  I am not a fan of spiders – but even I think these are darling.

a cut paper plate forming butterfly wings

Butterflies by Click a Craft.  These cute kids crafts with paper plates could be used for so many different things!  Learning about metamorphosis, book extensions …

painting a paper plate to make a bee

Bees by Preschool Crafts for Kids.  Love the learning that can come from this plate craft!  Patterning is a great skill for preschoolers to practice.


Paper Plate Food

pies made by kids from paper plates

Thanksgiving Pies by Mom Trusted.  These sweet pies paper plate crafts would be great for any time of year!

peas in a pod craft

Peas in a Pod by Teach Preschool.  Absolutely adorable.  This would be lovely to send home after the first week of preschool with names of friends attached to the peas.

colourful fruit craft made from paper plates

Lots of Fruity Fruit by All Free Kids Crafts.  These colourful fruits would be great paper plate crafts for kids in the summer, or to brighten up a grey winter day.

a watermelon with seeds by kids

Watermelon by Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.  I love how this paper plate craft is so full of learning!


Paper Plate Activities

make believe play with paper plates

The Drawing Chef – this fun make believe play inspires so much creativity in little ones – all you need is paper plates and crayons!

sun dial made with straws and paper plates

Sun Dial by Preschool Crafts for Kids.  This paper plate activity really peaked my interest!  It looks as though it would be so cool – we will be giving this a try this summer!

clocks made from paper plates

Clocks by Mum in the Madhouse.  This paper plate craft is fantastic for helping kids learn to tell time.  I think the idea of the lift up tabs to tell the minutes is brilliant!


Paper Plate Weather Crafts

3D Umbrella Mobile by The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman.  Kids crafts with paper plates can look so great!  This one is proof of that!

rainbow streamers hanging from cut cloud plate

Rainbows from Clouds by Happiness is Homemade.  This would be a great activity when introducing preschoolers to colours, the spectrum, or weather!

a sunshine made from plates

Sunshine by Creativity takes Flight.  This would be great practice of shapes for preschoolers!

Rainbows by Make and Takes.  I love the different options Make and Takes suggests with these paper plate crafts for kids!

wind spinners made from spiralled paper plates

Wind Spinners by Education.com.  These wind spinners are great!  So much fun to make, and full of learning as well!


Paper Plate Musical Instruments

a tambourine made from two paper plates

Tambourine by Education.com.  Such a simple way to create music and fun!

a banjo made with paper plates and elastics

Banjo by Crafts for Kids Blog.  This paper plate craft is one that we will be doing just as soon as we get some big elastics!!!


Other Cute Paper Plate Things!

Sunflowers by She Knows Parenting.  Using real sunflower seeds – such a great learning extension.  And great sensory play too!

hats made from paper plates

Baskets by Sarah Hearts.  So the kids may need a little bit of help with these … but I had to include them!


masks made from paper plates

People Masks by Brassy Apples.  Such great ideas for paper plate masks with this post!  I can only imagine the creative play my little ones would have with this!

Animal Masks by Naturally Educational.  These easy paper plate crafts are great for pretend and creative play.  The author at Naturally Educational used them in another way as well!

scarecrow craft

Scarecrows by Rainbows within Reach.  These would be such a cute extension to a book or for a Fall Harvest celebration!

Olympic Rings by Preschool Crafts for Kids.  Love the idea of using the outside of the paper plate, coloring, and linking together like this!

a flying suacer made with paper plates by kids

Flying Saucer by Raising Sparks.  This paper plate craft is so so creative!  What a great craft for a birthday party with a space theme!

There you have it – 75 paper plate crafts for just about every situation imaginable!  I hope they have provided you with a bit of inspiration to get creative with simple things.

Keeping things simple – the way to make kiddos creative and keep a Mama sane too.

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    Wow! Pinnd this one to my Preschool Play & Learn board. That fish aquarium is going on my to-do list for the upcoming preschool year. F is for Fish maybe?

    • Sarah says

      So glad you like this post Sinea! I really like the fish aquarium too – plus it adds in some neat sensory experiences with the gravel. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!

  2. Paulette Reynolds says

    I have a “paper plate art handprint” my daughter did when she started school years ago. Is there a way to preserve this? It was done on one of the “chinet” style plates.

    • Sarah says

      Hmmm … interesting question Paulette! I would be tempted to say you could probably use decoupage over top which would harden it and preserve it for years to come, but definitely try this on a “practice” paper plate first, as it is just a guess – I haven’t tried it myself. Though I really hope it works for you!! Thank you for reading.

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