Lite-Brite Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving ideas for kids

I had been thinking (already!) about Pumpkin carving ideas for my Sammy.  It is tough – pumpkin carving with a 3 year old.  They are too little to carve, but I knew Sammy would want to do more then paint.  So, as I was pondering, a light bulb went on (ha!) What about a Lite-Brite Pumpkin!

This pumpkin carving idea was so simple!  We cleaned out the pumpkin and scraped one side of the pumpkin (where I wanted the face) quite thin.  Then I used the end of a long, thin spoon to poke holes in the shape of the pumpkins eyes, nose, and mouth.

pumpkin carving ideas for kids

I checked after a few holes to be sure the Lite-Bright pieces would be the right fit.  A skewer would work well too.  When I had put all the holes in, I pushed the Lite-Bright pieces in each hole … just to be sure of the fit …

pumpkin carving ideas for kids

And then I put a flashlight inside … just to be sure …. oh who am I kidding – that was just for fun!!

Pumpkin carving 5

The picture really doesn’t do it justice.  It looks really neat!  The Lite-Bright pieces really glow perfectly – just like a Lite-Brite.

Then, I finally decided to share and gave Sammy the pumpkin and the Lite-Brite pieces.

pumpkin carving ideas for kids

He loved it!  He was able to complete this pumpkin carving activity completely independently.  And it was an excellent activity for his developing fine-motor skills.

pumpkin carving ideas for kids7

pumpkin carving ideas for kids

And great for his Self- Confidence … because he did it all on his own!!  We took it into a dark room so he could see it glow.  He was so excited.

pumpkin carving ideas for kids

This was one activity that Sammy wanted to do again and again.  And the pumpkin has held up great!  So far he has put the Lite-Bright pieces in and out 3 times (and I have done it once … or maybe twice) and it still looks great.

pumpkin carving ideas for kids

Pumpkin carving ideas for kids can be tricky and time consuming for parents.  This one still definitely took me some time (the scraping and poking) but it was well worth it in the end, as Sammy has easily spent 3 times as long playing with his pumpkin.

I know you have creative pumpkin carving ideas – and I would really love you to share them!  Please tell us, what pumpkin carving ideas have you used?

  1. Lynne Burgess

    Fantastic idea ! Our kids always loved to use the Lite Bright. I know they would have loved this idea !

    • Sarah

      Thank you Lynne!

  2. Mildred Noftle

    Well Done Sammy! ( and Mommy) your Pumpkin looks wonderful…. .

    • Sarah

      Thank you – he was so very proud!

  3. Andrea

    Last year we drilled our pumpkins, it was so much easier than trying to carve them with a 4 and 2.5 year old! I am thinking we could use the smallest size and add the lite brites! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Sarah

      Drilling is genius!! A big time saver for sure – great idea!!!

  4. Courtney @ Teach Preschool

    Love this!! Thanks for sharing on the Discover and Explore linky!
    Courtney @ Teach Preschool recently posted…Fire safety week in preschoolMy Profile

  5. Angela @ Teaching Mama

    This is so unique and creative! CUTE! Thank you for linking up at Toddler and Preschool Moms Pinning Party!
    Angela @ Teaching Mama recently posted…Toddler and Preschool Moms Pinning Party #7My Profile

  6. Anessa Debey

    Very cute Idea!! My PPCd children are going to love this new twist, thanks for sharing.

    • Sarah

      Thank you Anessa! Glad you stopped by – and thank you for taking the time to comment

  7. Ashley

    How fun and colorful! Featured you this week on Mom’s Library!
    Ashley recently posted…Fall Craft Extravaganza from Mom’s LibraryMy Profile

  8. Dee @ From Wine to Whine

    how clever!!! Love this, and I will be sharing.. way to think outside the box! (or in this case the pumpkin :) )
    Dee @ From Wine to Whine recently posted…LEARN to tie your shoes!My Profile

    • Sarah

      Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Krissy of B-Inspired Mama

    Such a fun and clever idea! And perfect for the littlest of kiddos.

    If you haven’t yet, I hope you’ll stop over and link this up to the Perfectly Pumpkin Contest at B-Inspired Mama!
    Krissy of B-Inspired Mama recently posted…TONS of Kids Activities from The Weekly Kids Co-OpMy Profile

  10. Beth Gorden

    We did this a couple years ago and it was a hit! I love that there was finally a carving activity for my littlest =)

    Yours came out super cute =)

    • Sarah

      Oh Beth I would love to see what you did with the lite brite! Yes, it is so nice to have something even the wee-est can participate in for Halloween Pumpkin Carving!

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